Baseball Testimonials

Hard Work Fuels Dreams Turning into Reality: My name is Hunter Austin and I play for the Patrick Henry varsity baseball team and the 16U Richmond Indians travel baseball club. I have been working with Coach Haislip at WEBS since I was 11. The SCOR program is phenomenal and Coach Haislip is the best! Coach is more than just someone who I take lessons from; he is an older brother, friend, coach, mentor and role model. Since joining SCOR things just keep getting better and better for me. I am in the best shape of my life, getting great grades, making great friends and I am playing varsity and travel baseball. No one has to make me go to my three travel team practices a week as I look forward to each and every practice. In fact, I go to extra practices whenever I can. Under the guidance of Coach Haislip our Richmond Indians team has been successful while learning the game of baseball to the point of being able to coach ourselves in games and winning. How many other programs can vouch to that? My near term baseball goals are to be successful at the high-school level and then go on to play college baseball. I am confident I will meet and/or surpass these goals because of the SCOR program and Coach Haislip’s support and guidance. Success is in the work and I plan on continuing to live my dreams by working hard and sticking to the WEBS program.

Greg Haislip, of SCOR, has been a wonderful coach and mentor to both my daughters, Lindsey 12 and Stephanie, 14.  Both girls began playing travel ball about a year and a half ago.  At the time, both were in desperate need of hitting instruction.  We were referred to Greg, and the changes he has made in both girls is extraordinary.  Lindsey has become the clean up hitter on her team.  Stephanie is playing high school softball, and her batting has improved 1000%.  None of this would be possible without Greg’s help.  We are blessed that we were able to find him, and will continue with instruction from Greg for years to come!  Thanks Greg!! – The Hall Family from Chesterfield, VA

Both of my boys have been working with Greg over the past several months and have made great strides with their swing as well as their approach to hitting. Greg knows the game and is a great teacher of technique and strategy. The thing that sets him apart is the way he communicates his instruction. He avoids some of the confusing baseball jargon – instead he uses simple terms that really make sense to the kids. Because of this, it usually only takes a word or 2 to correct things if their swing starts going south.

Most important is the genuine interest he takes in every child. When my son made his Major League Team, Coach Greg was the first person he called! — Scott Landess

My son Patrick is a senior pitcher at Freeman High School. He signed a scholarship to play for VA TECH next year. None of this would have been possible without Greg Haislip. Patrick has worked with Greg for 6 years. Greg has the unique ability to evaluate each kid and then develop a plan that best fits the needs of that child. His knowledge of baseball as well as his ability to communicate that effectively to each child he works with is unmatched. My son did many of the larger baseball training programs in the area before we started with Greg. Greg taught Patrick the mechanics of pitching as well as the mental approach to the game. Greg is like a second father to Patrick and many of the kids he works with at SCOR. He not only teaches baseball but he teaches about life, hard work, goal setting, and integrity. SCOR and the kids who train for baseball there will be taught by one of the best! Congrats as you could not have made a better choice than Greg when it comes to teaching kids baseball! — Jeff Scogin

Over the past two years our son has been going to SCOR for both pitching and hitting instruction. Greg has been more than remarkable in his approach to teaching the overall game as well as the simple instruction he provides specific to hitting and pitching. As a parent, it is not just Greg’s baseball knowledge we are greatful for but also his personal connection he has with all the players coming to SCOR. He genuinely cares about all the kids and wants them to do their best on and off the field! Although important, batting averages and ERA’s are second to good sportsmanship and strong work ethic when a player walks into SCOR. Greg has a keen knack to get every kid to the next level. We fully appreciate his positive influence and his approach to baseball. Thanks Greg for all you do, not just for Bryce, but for all the kids! — Kay and Scott Barnewolt