Check out the viewing party packages and offerings at SCOR!

Choose a package or just come in to watch and enjoy!!!

In-Game Specials

* Buy 2 large pizzas – get 1 FREE
* Every game – 1 special SCOR viewer will receive a SCOR swag bag

Cheer on your team with a private viewing and field rental party!

Perfect for teams prepping for the Fall season, team building, or practicing those moves you see during the game!
Private viewing + Field Rental party packages are $100.00 and includes:
  • 1 private viewing area per game or choose Turf’s café to root with or against other fans!
  • 4 large pizzas
  • Private viewing area, with a large projector viewing screen – to watch your favorite team
  • 1 hour field rental
  • Team bonding, ever lasting memories
  • 1 SCOR swag bag