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Soccer Leagues

Youth leagues are on in the winter and summer – check us out! COVID-19 Polcies!

Youth Programs FAQs

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All Stars

4 v 4 scrimmage league for ages 4-11!

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Skills Institute

Enhance your skills with each session.

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Friday Night All Stars

Friday Night All Stars is a recreational soccer league for beginner/intermediate players from the ages of 4-11. The goal of this league is to provide a safe and fun environment for players to learn the game and become more comfortable with the fundamentals of soccer. We do not keep score, as we want the kids to be able to learn about soccer by making mistakes, taking chances, and utilizing new skills. We do not allow full teams to register together as a team, since the goal of the program is to keep the competition even in order to give kids the best opportunity possible to develop their skills and learn the game of soccer.

Info on the upcoming season of F.N.A.S.:

  • Games start PROMPTLY at 6:00 pm and 6:15 pm, so please ensure your child is here 15 minutes before game time (no earlier) to make sure they have time to warm up!
  • Players will be placed onto teams of 6 kids for 4v4 play with no goalies (we do not exceed 6 children to ensure that all kids receive plenty of playing time!)
  • Games have two 22-minute halves, with a 5-minute water break in between
  • Registration is $100 for 10 weeks total, plus the annual SCOR membership fee ($20 individual/$30 for family) – this includes a FREE SCOR t-shirt!
  • Sign up today, space will be VERY limited
  • **While we DO allow players to request to play together, there is NO GUARANTEE that players will be placed together. Although we love when friends join our program and want to play together, our top priority is to keep the teams as even as possible**

Fall 2021

Fall Session: September 10th – November 12th



Youth Soccer Leagues

Indoor Youth Soccer Leagues are offered in the Summer and Winter. 7v7 Games are played on our 2 large indoor fields and covered outdoor field. 4v4 games are played on our indoor small field.

Please Read! COVID 19 Guidlines!!

Youth Soccer Leagues are BACK with

COVID-19 Procedures and Policies!

Covid-19 Update: 5/21/2021

  • Per the latest guidance from the CDC and Commonwealth of Virginia, fully vaccinated people are no longer required to wear a mask while at the SCOR facility inside or out. However unvaccinated people or those who are not fully vaccinated are still required to wear a mask or face covering when not participating in SCOR league games.
  • SCOR will no longer take temperature checks when you arrive at the facility, if you are feeling ill please do not attend and put others at risk.
  • SCOR will again allow spectators to attend games with the same policy as the players. If you are fully vaccinated you are not required to wear a mask. If you are unvaccinated or are not fully vaccinated you will still be required to wear a mask or face covering.
  • Since there is no vaccine approved for children under the age of 12, children 11 years of age or younger are still required to wear a mask or face covering, everywhere but the field or bench. If your child 12-17 years of age is unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated they are still required to wear a mask or face covering while not on the field or bench area.
  • If a child is coming to spectate a game and is under the age of 16 he/she must have adult supervision at all times. No spectators, children, or others may be on the field or bench side of a game. If a child does not have someone to watch them during the game, please do not bring them.
  • If you have a game on the outdoor field you now must use the front/main entrance of SCOR (Though the blue building)

*Fully vaccinated is defined as 2 weeks after receiving your second Pfizer or Moderna vaccine shot or 2 weeks after receiving the single Johnson and Johnson vaccine shot.*

  • We will be disinfecting the benches, ball, and boards between each game utilizing the Tersano SAO cleaning and disinfecting system (com) This disinfectant is so safe you could drink it if you wanted to. A spray Bottle will be behind each bench and we encourage you to spray down all your equipment, before and after each game
  • Sanitation stations will be even more prevalent throughout the facility
  • Spitting on or off the field will result in expulsion from the facility
  • All food including gum and seeds may not be eaten or chewed when in the bench area or on the field
  • SCOR will become a completely smoke-free facility inside and out
  • Be socially distance aware. Use your best judgment when coming in contact with another player
  • SCOR will no longer provide pinnies or house team shirts, come with 2 different team shirt colors
  • Any verbal or physical altercation with a player or referee will result in a red card and your expulsion from the facility. At the referee’s discretion, a game can and will be canceled at any point for unruly behavior. Teams can be banned for such actions. If you receive a red card you must leave the facility immediately and a minimum of a 1 week ban will be assessed for ALL teams you play on.

    • ****These policies can be changed or altered at any time****
      Anyone who has symptoms of, has tested positive for, or has been exposed to COVID-19 follow appropriate guidelines for quarantine or isolation. Persons with symptoms should stay home until CDC criteria for ending isolation have been met.If you are currently experiencing fever (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher) or a sense of having a fever, a new cough that cannot be attributed to another health condition, new shortness of breath that cannot be attributed to another health condition, new chills that cannot be attributed to another health condition, a new sore throat that cannot be attributed to another health condition, or new muscle aches that cannot be attributed to another health condition or specific activity (such as physical exercise) will not be permitted in the venue/establishment. Let’s stay safe and smart, if you even think for a second you could be sick please do not put the safety of yourself and others at risk and stay home.


7v7 Youth Soccer
  • Winter youth season 2021/2022 December 11-February 27
    • Every team will play 1 game in December at 7 games in January and February
    • No games December 25-January 2
    • Games on Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evenings
    • Typically 1 game a week. No practices just games. Total of 8 games in the season, no playoffs.
  • $800 team fee split among all the players on the team.
    • All players need an up to date SCOR membership; $20 individual, $30 family.
  • Every player must be listed on the roster.
  • No Roster Limits
  • Girls can play in the boy’s league but boys can’t play in the girl’s league.
  • Offering boys/coed and girls U10 U12 U14 U16 and high school
  • U Divisions are determined by league start date (December 11)
    • For a player to be eligible to play in the U12 division, he/she must be 11 years old or younger before December 11. A player may turn 12 during the season.
  • Players can play up a division but may not play down.
  • Registration is done online through DASH
  • COVID-19 Guidelines (updated 5/21/2021)
  • Email: for more information

Boys/Coed and Girls Leagues available!

The following divisions will be available, 8 games, $800 team fee.

High School


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Summer Practice!

Have a group that wants to practice but not play in a league? Rent a field each week at the same time throughout the summer for private practice! No membership required for a rental! 

Email to find a time that works for your group all summer! 

2021 Summer Season
July 17-Aug 29

Registration Open!

2021-2022 Winter Season

Dates coming soon!


Ready to Form a Team?

Read our Step by Step Instructions on how to form a team.

When you are ready to register your team, sign into or create your DASH account HERE. A $200 non-refundable deposit is required at sign up to reserve the team’s spot in the session. Once your team is registered you’ll need to add players to your roster. Read our “Step by Step Instructions on how to form a team” for help. Team fees are to be paid in full before the first game of the session. All players must be listed on your roster and have an up to date SCOR membership. Team managers become responsible for team fee once the session begins. If you have any questions please read our FAQs below, email or call us at 804-257-SCOR (7267)

Youth Soccer Leagues

To register a team contact Joe Graham at 804-257-7267 or or register online at SCOR DASH.

SCOR House Team

We welcome individuals to sign up for a SCOR house team. Players can sign up for additional teams to have more fun and meet new friends. Each house player receives a SCOR team shirt. Contact Joe Graham at 804-257-7267 or email

Youth programs FAQs

What kind of cleats can I wear?
Players must wear Turfs, Indoor or flat bottom shoes.

Firm Ground, Firm Ground/Artificial Grass Hybrid, Soft Ground, Artificial Grass/Hard Ground shoes are not allowed.

For more in-depth information please Click Here

Is there a membership fee? Do my players need to be registered in order to play?
Yes all players must have a DASH account, be listed on your team roster, and have an up to date SCOR membership. (Memberships are valid for 1 year after purchase)
Do membership fees get counted towards my team fee?
Memberships are separate from team fees and do not go towards a teams overall team payment.
How many players can be on my roster?
We do not limit team’s rosters to any amount but we do respectfully request at least 10 players on a 7v7 team and 6 on a 4v4 team. Everyone on the roster must have an up to date SCOR membership.
When are games played?
Youth games are mostly played on Saturday and Sunday. During the winter youth session, some games will be played on Friday.
How long are games?
7v7 youth games are 45 minutes long. 4v4 games are 40 minutes long.
Where are games played?
All games are played here at the Sports Center of Richmond (SCOR) 1385 Overbrook rd, Richmond, VA 23220
Does SCOR provide jerseys?
SCOR provides shirts for house team players only. All other teams are responsible for providing their own jersey or team color. We recommend teams bringing two colors each week to avoid wearing pinnies.
Where can I find the rules for indoor soccer?
Rules can be found here.

Skills Institute

Skills Institute is a developmental soccer program for boys and girls ages 5-12 years. With a 8:1 player to coach ratio, players will receive plenty of one on one attention as they explore their potential in the target areas of soccer. Classes will be offered in groups by age and skill level. Throughout each session players will be evaluated, experience chalk talks, and the occasional homework assignment to practice at home. Players will walk away more confident, equipped for their next right step, and ready for life’s challenges on and off the field.



  • TACTICAL – Creating space to receive the ball and keep possession
  • TECHNICAL – Improve individual and collective basic soccer techniques
  • PHYSICAL – Develop speed, coordination and balance with and without the ball
  • PSYCHOSOCIAL – Interact positively and feel confident within the group

Fall 2021 Schedule

The Fall Session starts the week of

September 7th – November 22nd -11 weeks (Satudays, 10 weeks)