Attention Rental Groups:

SCOR takes COVID very seriously and we ask that all of our customers do the same. We are protecting our employees and customers by following these guidelines:

Facial Masks/Coverings

No spectators allowed

NEW Rental Customers: Submit Roster of full names to after all players on roster are registered in DASH with an updated waiver your rental will be scheduled. New rentals customers are asked to submit rosters by 5pm on Friday for a weekend rental. If you have rented recently using this process and your roster has not changed we can make exception to the 5pm weekend deadline.

Payment before the rental, preferably paid thorough DASH by the Group Manager (person who is in contact with SCOR and whose name the rental is under)

The manager should have some form of ID in case SCOR staff needs to verify his or her identity.

Upon arrival only the group manager is allowed to enter the facility. The remaining group members are asked to wait outside the front door until SCOR staff approves the Roster with the Manager.

If there are 15 people on the approved roster and there are 17 people in the group then SCOR staff will have to check all ID’s of the all group members.

Your group may be asked to remain outside even after the group is checked in to allow other customers to exit the building.

Anyone entering the facility without a facial covering will be asked to leave.

Contact: or Sherri @ 804-307-7171

LINK to Register: