Attention Rental Groups:


No spectators allowed under the age of 12 years old.  Children under the age of 12 will be asked to leave the facility, the only exception to this rule is if the children are actively playing on the field as a part of the rental. As the Rental Manager, you will be responsible for making sure all guests with your group are aware of this rule. If this rule becomes an issue for your group, our staff will be permitted to ask your group to leave and stop any future rentals.

NEW Rental Customers: You must have a DaySmart account with SCOR, you can find the link to register in the upper righthand corner of this website or use the link below.  Once your account is created you must have a card on file.  We require a $50 down payment due at the time of booking in order to confirm your rental. This down payment will go towards the overall price of the field rental. Payment is due at the time of the rental, preferably paid through DaySmart by the Group Manager.

The manager should have some form of ID in case SCOR staff needs to verify his or her identity.

Contact: for any adult soccer rental

         or for any other rentals

LINK to Register: